Research Farm


We have aquired a small farm that meets all of the requirements we need for scientific, education and the start of our charitable purposes. 

Our first goal is to establish a research farm to test different cultivation techniques, devise rainwater harvesting methods and develop the most nutrient rich, compost-based amendments to provide the appropriate foundation for organic urban farmland. We are now in the process of implementing these practices while getting ready for the growing season.

This facility also provides the framework for our internship programs which will promote continuous improvement to our urban farming principles. The interns and greenhorns can use their experiences and scientific data to further the study of horticulture in the inner-city and also prepare for a potential career in sustainable agriculture.

We are pursuing this agenda with The SOW Foundation’s mission in mind...

"to create a perpetual movement that addresses, educates, coordinates, and provides sustainable aid to eradicate food deserts, chronic malnutrition, food insecurity and hunger"

This is a current view of our Research Farm before Spring planting. Check back soon for an updated video showing all the improvements that are being made!