We want to continually share with you our current endeavors while demonstrating what our research and development can accomplish with the help of people like you.

Research Farm
Granville, Ohio

This video shows the Research Farm before spring planting. Check back soon for a new video that shows our progress.

When we started The SOW Foundation we knew that a Research Farm was necessary for a successful start to such an important venture like this. This property represents the cornerstone of our whole movement. Inner-city farming requires non-traditional farming methods because of the obstacles and restraints like: "dirt" that has absolutely no nutrients, concrete, a lack of soil structure, no water retention qualities, no beneficial bacterial or fungal activity. We have a blank slate on our farmland which allows us to implement practices that are already proven and the ability to experiment with new methods that are more compatible with the demands of an urban environment.

This site will not only be used for improving techniques, it will also serve as an educational opportunity for college interns and beginning farmers. This allows us to combine all of the goals of our nonprofit operation; educational, scientific and charitable purposes.

Our Research Farm is located in Granville, Ohio (feel free to call us for a tour).


Urban Farm
Columbus, Ohio

Photo by TraceRouda/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by TraceRouda/iStock / Getty Images

We are in the planning stage of our first inner-city urban farm in Columbus, Ohio. Like all major cities, there are numerous food deserts thus creating an epidemic of malnutrition and hunger. This location will be "ground zero" in our fight to help those in need. We are creating a road map for people to have the opportunity to not only help themselves but also learn a new trade that could lead to a new job while maintaining food security. We need your help to perpetuate this much needed movement.


Sister Farm
Southwestern Haiti

Photo by arindambanerjee/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by arindambanerjee/iStock / Getty Images

Each city program that is developed by The SOW Foundation in the U.S. will work together as a community while sponsoring a "Sister City" in a destitute area of an even less fortunate country.