We are a group of passionate individuals who have come together to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time: widespread hunger and chronic malnutrition. Our compassionate team has a strong desire and a long term commitment to providing innovative solutions to these global problems.

Jim Green

Founder & Executive Director

Jim Green is determined to lead The SOW Foundation in its’ fight against food deserts, chronic malnutrition, food insecurity and hunger. Along with a team of dedicated professionals, Jim is confident they have the skill sets required for such a challenging mission. With over 20 years of business management experience, Jim has accumulated a wealth of knowledge overseeing extensive capital projects. These duties often include comprehensive planning, execution of policy, budgetary control and team management to achieve specific goals. He is proficient in developing innovative strategies to overcome complex obstacles in order to guarantee success.

Adam Davidoff

Director of Fundraising & Grant Writing

Adam Davidoff brings to the table a passion for helping people in need, and he brings a green thumb with him taboot. As an educator with nearly 20 years of experience working with Economically Disadvantaged youths, Adam is situated on the front lines of the issues that The SOW Foundation aims to bring to an end. As a high-school-teacher-turned-counselor, Adam sees the impact of food deserts and malnutrition on a daily basis. He fights tirelessly to advocate for kids who often don’t know where there next meal is coming from outside of the school. Adam brings his promotional vision, knack for creative fundraising and extensive experience with grant research and writing.


Ben Dils

Director of Marketing & Outreach

Ben Dils is passionately committed to helping us become a leader in urban-based food systems. With 15 years of marketing and community outreach experience, Ben brings a depth of knowledge about cultivating strategic partnerships. He has a history of nurturing outreach programs by developing sponsorship arrangements with businesses, individuals, schools and other organizations who share a similar vision with The SOW Foundation. Ben has served on boards as the Marketing Director for Ohio Motorcyclist for Children and My Place To Be helping children that have autism as well as those suffering from terminal illness.


JerEmy King

DIRECTOR Of Compliance & Internship Program

Jeremy King is an advocate for local sustainably grown foods. As a life-long educator, former Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Ecuador, and as the Sustainability Coordinator for Denison University, Jeremy brings the boots on the ground and hands-on experience in project development to The SOW Foundation.  Jeremy also serves on the Board of the Licking County Local Food Council, the Newark Canal Market District & Enterprise Hub, and the Licking Land Trust.


DIRECTOR OF FINANCE & International Operations

Matt Miller is ready to make real change in the lives of those who suffer from malnutrition and hunger. Throughout his career as a reporter at Bloomberg Television, Miller has trekked through many cities around the globe. These travels have exposed him to some of the world's shortcomings when it comes to food insecurity and food deserts. Matt has been passionate about eliminating malnutrition since he started volunteering to tutor immigrant children when he lived in Frankfurt. Miller has also had his own health issues as a result of poor nutritional choices, and realizes how difficult it is to find good food in urban areas.